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Toddler Toot Train Railway

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Toddler Toot Train RailwayA fun train activity for toddlers, kids, preschoolers and young children.Created by a parent of young children. This game is designed to be constructive fun for kids. And is completely free of annoying pop-ups, ads and social media that plague other games for children.
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Features- Simple constructive fun.- Cute story book style hand drawn graphics.- Five unique levels.- Increased level content for large screen phones.- Suitable for children 1 to 4 years old.
Parent friendly:- No special permissions required.- 100% ad, pop-up and nag free.- Social media free, your kid won't accidentally update your facebook page!- All 24 hour pajama people apps are gluten, dairy and GMO free. But may contain traces of nuts.
Levels include:- Trainset staples, including switches, tunnels and bridges.- Change the Train's color.- Send the train through a train wash.- Activities for toddlers: Collect lumber from the sawmill and drop it off at the factory. Collect boxes from the factory, deliver them to the seaport.- Large mystery tunnels. Train goes in one entrance and will come out of any exit.- An interactive ship.